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Internet of Thing Indoor Location
UWINLOC provides a disruptive localisation solution based on battery-less low cost tags suited for volume asset tracking.


Continuous inventory savings, optimised supply chain & lost part savings can only be achieved with an asset localisation solution adapted to large volume of goods. The key requirements for industrial, logistics and retail players concern reliability, accuracy & cost that are not matched by any solution available on the market today. Indeed, despite the low cost of passive RF-ID, it only allows zoning and not a continuous tracking of goods in warehouses. At the other end of the spectrum, active RF-ID, Bluetooth or UWB based solutions require batteries in the tags and their deployment is limited to niche applications because of the high cost and volume of the tags.

UWINLOC, with a number of patented breakthroughs, offer a solution suitable for large volume of assets to track with a fast return on investment. The tags are in the range of cents (not euros), do not require batteries or maintenance and have a similar form factor than an RF-ID tag (6cm2, flexible, 2mm thick). The network of beacons to be deployed have a range of 30-50m and their deployment is extremely simple and scalable. The software tool provided with the solution enables a continuous visualisation, retrieval and tracking of all assets in the zone covered as well as a monitoring of the beacons. More importantly the solution offers a very high level of robustness and accuracy (30cm - 3D) in industrial/metallic environments.

Beyond the invention and international commercialization of its solution, UWINLOC objective is to establish a worldwide standard with the support of leading industrial & logistics players. Four leading international players have already committed to the deployment of UWINLOC’s solutions. While the performances of the system are being fine tuned, functional demonstrators are being set-up at clients premises and UWINLOC solution will be commercially availability in large volumes at the end of 2016.


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