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  • Country: Germany
  • Category: Aircraft software
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MRO production quality optimization software iot
Fast development of industrial internet of things software for support of manual production processes by using the design thinking approach


Our product reduces process time and increases process reliability due to task related information supply and semi automated task fulfillment. Furthermore, it leverages the opportunity to easily connect smart tools, machines and mobile devices to your production. The unique combination of a physical gateway for digital integration on the shopfloor, cloud computing for efficient information processing and a virtual assistance system result in time savings due to less media breaks, higher working quality due to less process errors as well as higher transparency due to mapping of physical processes in the virtual world. Moreover it creates high worker acceptance due to involving the user into the development process, demand oriented task guidance and optimal worker integration. Due to the microservice architecture of the software and whiteboard friendly data models of our graph-database the development of process-individual software is very agile, close to the enduser and ultrafast.


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