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  • Country: India
  • Category: End to end travel experience for passengers and crew
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Virtual Reality Augmented Reality
AR/VR (Augmented / Virtual Reality),Platform


Scapic thinks that VR/AR will be fundamentally important shifts in computing. In that pursuit, their goal is to make Scapic the easiest way for users like you and me to get started with these new technologies. This is a significant goal, and one that is bound to have competitive organizations.

However, they’re strongly focusing only on the end customer experience, and how to make that as efficient as possible. We view more organizations in the space as a great sign of growth and are excited about what lies ahead given the same, Scapic is differentiated by being:
- The only tool to effectively have a built in marketplace
- The only tool with a completely no-code environment
- Incredibly simple UI and stability

Learn more about Scapic here >>


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