• Campus BizLab Hamburg
  • Country: Germany
  • Category: Cabin layout
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The Retrolley allows the cabin crew to presort cabin waste and reduce the waste volume by manual compaction


The Retrolley is an innovative half size waste trolley, which allows presorting and manual compaction of waste. Pre-sorting is a prerequisite for recycling of cabin waste.
The Retrolley can be installed in a galley compartment like a typical existing waste trolley without any additional means or galley adaptions.
The Retrolley consists of two main compartments, which can be used for recyclables and non-recyclables. These two main compartments can be manually compacted using the handle of the Retrolley.
Furthermore it consists of three modules, which are easily exchangeable according to customer needs. These modules can be used to stack cups, collect residual liquid and compact and store aluminum cans.


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