• Campus BizLab Hamburg
  • Country: Germany
  • Category: Noise Reduction, Liveability
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active noise control hardware design iot artificial intelligence noise reduction
ReCalm introduces an intelligent acoustic device to reduce unwanted disturbances of noisy industrial equipment.


The basic concept of active noise control is known since the 1930s. By sending out an anti-noise signal of opposite polarity to the noise source, noise can be eliminated by destructive interference. The successful application of active noise control in practice depends on its robustness and economic efficiency rather than on its elegance. Based on up-to-date scientific researches our product scales complex active noise control algorithms to a small salable hardware platform. The compact design and a competitive cheap price offer new application fields for the technique. Multiple scattered devices empower our product not only to reach a local, but also a global noise reduction. The algorithms are designed with special regard of robustness to gain access to a diversified target market. Our application focus is in the range under 1 kHz. That's where passive arrangements reach their limits due to the required amount of sound-absorbing materials.


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