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  • Category: Cabin layout
PaperClip Design
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Seating Flexibility Business Class Premium Economy PaxEx
Butterfly is a flatbed suite that’s instantly transformable to premium economy seats, allowing configuration to be tailored for every flight


Passenger demand is never predictable. Space is wasted if the cabin configuration does not match the actual demand. While convertible seating has been successfully implemented in Europe for decades, but there has yet to be one that is good enough for the demanding long haul business traveler. Butterfly does just that- it brings flexibility to medium/ long haul aircraft, enabling airlines to react in real time to fluctuating market conditions. For airlines, Butterfly can bring improved efficiency, better utilization, and higher revenues. For passengers, Butterfly brings a new and unique travel experience in both business & premium economy class, while improved airline efficiency also means lower fares in the long run.


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