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MRO Logistics Stock Optimzation Software
Software for Spares and Specific Tools Stock Optimization for aircraft maintenance, reducing ROS & Costs, and Improving Fleet Availability.


OBUU, by means of its software developments "OBUU Calcul" and "OBUU Simulation" is pioneering in the application of the VMetric Method for Solving Complex Strategic Problems in Logisitcs, commonly used in the optimization for logistics and stocks of spare parts, to the aircraft specific tools provisioning.

OBUU is the answer to the dilemma of the airlines, the third party MRO services providers, the ILS companies, the aircraft manufacturers and any other entity or organisation aiming to maintain technical systems, like aircrafts, trains or wind-generators which must have a low TAT, must be competitive and must avoid over-investment, but cannot afford shortage of spare parts or specific tools when needed.

With the study of the reliability parameters of the aircraft, train or wind-generator components, lead-times and prices, the maintenance support organization structure, the fleet deployment and its operation, OBUU can define optimized stock levels for spare parts and specific tools for maintenance, helping the maintenance entity to reduce their expenses in stocks allocated to technical systems maintenance, while reducing the TAT of those systems, and so, reducing the ROS (Risk of Shartage) and improving the fleet Availability.

OBUU software suite is a very powerful tool for strategic decision making in maintenance entities, were a high-performance resources management is a must.


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