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  • Country: Germany
  • Category: Cabin layout
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Cabin lighting
‘jetlite increases passenger comfort & decreases jetlag by an innovative use of the existing cabin lighting LED system


Chronobiologically improved cabin lighting concepts by LED-luminaires enhances significantly passenger comfort on long haul-flights. Warm, white light (high red component) at the beginning of an overnight flight contributes to relaxation, promotes melatonin production and a slower heart rate, and thus makes the entire flight more relaxing for passengers by ensuring better sleep. In contrast, cold, white light (high blue component) in the morning after a restful night helps passengers to be more alert upon reaching their destination by suppressing excretion of the sleeping hormone melatonin. The step beyond Mood Lighting, can take impact on the inner-clock of passengers by higher in-flight relaxation and higher activation levels at the destination, which causes Jetlag-Reduction up to three or four hours. Furthermore, jetlite develops a cabin concept including processes, food & beverages, inflight entertainment, seating as well as upstream & downstream behavioural recommendations for the passenger correlated to the Jetlag-Reduction-Concept.


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