• Campus BizLab Madrid
  • Country: SpainĀ 
  • Category: Edge Computing Unified Resource Management
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Daisho unifies IoT, Mobile, Fog & Cloud resources and services to enable secure, smart, high-performance, low-latency digital transformation


Daisho delivers Edge Computing-as-a-Service reducing the complexity of developing, deploying, and operating applications and infrastructure. We deliver a software platform for unified management and professional services by consolidating highly distributed infrastructures.

Their platform provides developers and IT/OT Operations with an application deployment model to manage the application lifecycle, replication, and data caching across mobile, IoT, Fog, and traditional public/private cloud infrastructures.

The edge requires low-latency computing across an explosion of data, hyper-distributed infrastructure, and devices. Daisho unifies IoT, Mobile, Fog, and Cloud devices to provide high-performance, low-latency digital experiences providing the customer with unified resource management.

Learn more about Daisho: https://daisho.group


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