Agnikul Cosmos

  • Campus BizLab Bangalore
  • Country: India
  • Category: Space technology
Agnikul Cosmos
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Agnikul Cosmos designs, builds, tests and launches orbital class launch vehicles (rockets).


At AgniKul, they are in the process of designing and building an orbital class launch vehicle. It is an all liquid stage rocket, with each stage built out of replicating the same engine leading to an entirely modular design.

They believe that they can bring down the cost of launching 1 kg of mass to low earth orbits to somewhere around $10000/kg. For these class of payloads (around 100 kg), the current rate is around the $40,000/kg area.

They also believe that they can get here by strong focus on modularity from the very early design stages, accessing low cost / high quality Indian aerospace engineering talent, and smart manufacturing techniques.

They have frozen their system level configuration and they are in the process of fine tuning our subsystem and component level designs.

They have a timeline for their first orbital test launch in December 2020. They plan to do a subscale prototype test in March 2019. This would include a test that will let us perfect almost all the technologies needed for the vehicle at a subscale level.


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