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  • Category: 3D printing
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Enables distant manufacturing by streaming encrypted data to 3D printers & collect traceability & quality info about the printing process


With the development of 3D Printing, supply chains will essentially become digital with the exchange of CAD files (design files) replacing the shipment of physical goods. Parts won’t only be manufactured in-house or in centralized large factories but also locally by suppliers or customers equipped with a 3D printer. This digitalization of the supply chain will however bring new challenges since it will become harder or impossible for companies to keep a direct control over their intellectual property and to ensure the quality and traceability of the printed parts.

3dTrust offers a comprehensive software solution addressing security, traceability, monetization and standardization needs for the 3D printing process. Thanks to our digital network which communicates securely and easily with 3D printers operating at geographically dispersed locations, we protect the IP by automatizing the manufacturing process and preventing the unauthorized visualization and storage of the design files. We provide added value for the IP Owner by presenting detailed analytics information about the printing process and part's quality so that he knows exactly by whom, where, when and how many times a part has been printed. This information is gathered and analyzed on an extensive analytics platform to provide market trends and enable precise monetization of the intellectual property. The objective is to create a standardized and easy-to-use management tool for large OEMs who want to implement 3D printing in their new digital supply chain.


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