Press Release

March 2015


Airbus BizLab: the global aerospace business accelerator

As competition in the aerospace industry intensifies, Airbus aims to accelerate the pace at which it can commercialise innovative ideas drawn from within Airbus and outside, including from customers and other external partners. Airbus BizLab supports this strategy.

The Airbus Bizlab is a global aerospace accelerator bringing together start-ups and Airbus’ own entrepreneurs to transform innovative ideas into valuable businesses more quickly.

Many fledgling aerospace businesses struggle to turn innovative ideas and technologies into commercial reality. Some lack the commercial experience to develop viable business models, others face difficulties accessing customers or going through long certification processes. This slows the pace of innovation. The Airbus BizLab has developed a “Hybrid” concept in order to work efficiently with start-ups and to allow smaller organisations to better understand the needs and ways of working of big groups.

One of the major advantages lies in its hybridity; by bringing together in the same collaborative platform, intrapreneurs (internal Airbus) & entrepreneurs (external), the Airbus Bizlab helps overcome these barriers by combining scale and agility. The Airbus BizLab, creates a network of Business Accelerators to provide support to start-ups. It also encourages start-up logic and entrepreneurship internally. It will enhance Airbus’s access to the newest ideas, technologies and ways of working in the aerospace sector and beyond. Airbus employees, accustomed to working in a large company, will also learn from entrepreneurs adept at bringing new ideas to the marketplace as rapidly as possible.

Airbus will provide early-stage projects with wide-ranging support, in the form of a six-month “acceleration programme”. Through these programmes, Airbus BizLab gives access to a large number of coaches, experts and mentors in various domains: technology, legal, finance, marketing & communication; easing prototyping and market access.  

The Airbus BizLab welcomes applications for acceleration programmes from entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and Airbus employees. A screening committee, which includes Airbus’s Chief Innovation Officer, Yann Barbaux, and the Head of the Airbus BizLabs, Bruno Gutierres, selects the most promising ideas. 

In developing the BizLab, Airbus has drawn on the experience of start-up support programmes in other sectors. By supporting the “Toulouse French Tech initiative” and being connected to other accelerators regardless of their specificity, the Airbus BizLab wants to build bridges and diversify its sources of innovation beyond the aviation industry.

The first Airbus BizLab opened on 9th of March 2015 in Toulouse, France. The next centre will open in Hamburg, Germany followed by India and other countries, creating a global network of Airbus BizLabs