Frisbee, the application which will make your trip a unique experience, launches its crowdfunding campaign

  • Toulouse
  • April 24, 2018
The Frisbee startup, currently accelerated at Airbus BizLab in Toulouse, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the launch of its mobile app which will connect travelers who are at the same airport, based on their personal as well as professional interests, their geographical proximity or their flight number.

The estimated average waiting time at the airport before take-off on a long-haul flight is around 3,5 hours*. Frisbee is taking advantage of these hours by allowing users to connect with other travelers nearby, giving them the opportunity to meet, talk and share remotely or vocally, using the chat function. They just have to create a profile and enter their flight number to discover other travelers.

Beyond boosting social exchanges while waiting for a flight, the app allows you to grow your network, especially with like-minded professionals, and may even lead to new job opportunities. Finally Frisbee allows passengers to rate their travel experience all along the journey, from the departure airport to their final destination.

This crowdfunding campaign will help us launch a test phase under real user conditions, to ramp up promotion of the application (participation in events, meeting with customers, communication campaign in high-activity travel hubs) and to finalize the development of a software interface tool(API).

To donate and support Frisbee before 9th May follow the link:

Who are we?

A team of five complementary and motivated frequent travelers, we are convinced of one thing: the time spent at the airport and in transport shouldn’t be confining; on the contrary it should be the occasion to embark on a unique experience.
Frisbee is hosted at Airbus BizLab, the start-up accelerator of Airbus.                                                                                 


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*source: ADP

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