Airbus BizLab startup program is 1 year old!

  • October 5, 2016
We started our acceleration program 1 year ago ! Time flies and we are very delighted about all the achievements done so let's have a look on the milestones the startups and internal projects have reached

BizLab Toulouse
- 1,7M€ raised by Uwinloc
- 1M€ raised by 3dTrust 
- 4 startups among 5 started a collaboration with Airbus functions 
- Obuu has joined the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in Madrid 
- Obuu has been selected by SAP for the Startup Focus Program

BizLab Hamburg 

-Visit of Sigmar Gabriel (Vice Chancellor of Germany), Olaf Scholz (First Mayor of Hamburg), Fabrice Bregier and Klaus Richter 
- Demo Day: successfully performed with 140 internal and external participants and two impressive speakers : Dirk Ahlborn (CEO Hyperloop Transportation) and Juliana Rotich (famous entrepreneur)
-ILA: Airbus BizLab as Premium Sponsor of first ILA Startup-Day with 50 startups (eight from BizLab)
- ZinkCloud: 10 trials ongoing (plant engineering, FAL MAP, China Engineering Centre)
- ReTrolley: successfully presented prototype to airlines, supplier negotiations will start
- AirbusON: internal customer handover before and of year
- Synergeticon: revenue generation through five new contracts in aviation industry

BizLab Bangalore :

- 3 internal projects have been developped within Engineering Department 

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