Airbus BizLab

Airbus BizLab is a global aerospace business accelerator where startups and Airbus intrapreneurs speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable businesses. The Airbus BizLab has developed a “hybrid” concept to closely collaborate with startups while allowing smaller organizations to better understand needs and ways of working of large groups.

The acceleration programme

Airbus BizLab offers early-stage projects wide-ranging support in the form of a 6-month acceleration programme. Startups have access to a large number of Airbus coaches, experts in various domains, and support staff, free hosting, and a Demo Day with Airbus decision makers, venture capitalists, Airbus customers and partners.
Our acceleration program is based on the lean startup methodology and articulated around 3 pillars :
- Customer desirability (market study & benchmark, value proposition, customer experimentation…)
- Solution feasibility (proof of concept, product functionalities definition, MVP…)
- Business viability (business model, risk assesment, cost benefit analysis…)
The 6-month acceleration programme is segmented into 3 gates where startups build the MVP, test it and based on customer feedback pivot or continue.
At the end of each gate concrete deliverables are expected.
Great startup founders know how to turn constructive critique into applicable solutions—without taking it personally or refusing to change.
Camille Durand - BizLab Supervisor

Our Values

Airbus BizLab is more than a simple startup accelerator, it’s a « melting-pot community » where BizLabers will be encouraged to share expertise, to exchange experiences, and be humble enough to accept setbacks.
Our role at the Corporate Technology Office is to nurture innovative ideas wherever they come from. This is why we created the BizLab.
Grazia Vittadini - Airbus CTO

Our extended ecosystem

Coaches, aerospace experts & a support team will guide you all along the 6 month acceleration programme. Coaches work closely with the startups and they co-design the acceleration plan with BizLabers. They monitor the acceleration plan by restructuring ideas with participants; challenging founders and project leads; offering solutions and different ways of thinking, while tracking progress and monitoring team members. Upon request, the 150 Airbus experts will provide technical and business advice in their respective domains.
Me: curious by nature, coaching by profession and smiling because I am an optimist - The best is achieved in the combination of the many.
Rey Buckman - Airbus BizLab Platform Leader Hamburg

BizLab team

A passionate and dedicated team to build with you all your crazy ideas. Coaches, experts & mentors will support you all along the 6 month acceleration program.
The coach works closely with the startups, he co-designs the acceleration plan with the BizLabers. He monitors the acceleration plan by structuring ideas of project owners, challenging the idea owner about his/her future position of business leader/manager, providing solutions/foster new ways of doing, drumbeating projects progress and team motivation
In his role, the coach will have to take on a neutral approach. Coach listens and provides BizLabers with links of thoughts that enable him to make decisions about current environment.
On-demand, the 150 Airbus experts will provide technical and business advices in their respective domains.
The mentors, as Senior Top Manager/ Successful entrepreneur, will be the instrument for personal and professional development for BizLabers. Thanks to knowledge transfer, networking and counselling.
Mission statements don't win customers. Passion statements do.
Ildiko Ferencsik - Sales & Marketing Manager Lucem

to apply ?

Each campus will launch two call for projects per year, there are not limited to startups working already within the aeronautic industry but to any innovation concept which can be applicable for our market.

For internal selection, after a quite selective process, the Airbus Corporate Innovation jury will select the most promising ideas to integrate the BizLab.

I’m working
in a Startup

1. Apply to our call for project
2. Your application is short-listed
3. Prepare your pitch to be selected by the Screening Jury

I’m working
at Airbus

1. Contact your innovation catalyst
2. Issue a one-pager to go through the Editing Commitee
3. Prepare your pitch to be selected by the Screening Jury
Toulouse Hamburg Bangalore Madrid
in the world
The first Airbus BizLab opened on 9th March 2015 in Toulouse, followed by Hamburg, Bangalore and Madrid campuses, creating an international network of Airbus BizLab.
in the world
The first Airbus BizLab opened on 9th March 2015 in Toulouse, followed by Hamburg, Bangalore and Madrid campuses, creating an international network of Airbus BizLab.
Airbus BizLabs
Toulouse is the worldwide capital of aeronautics as well as the Airbus Head Quarter.
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Airbus BizLabs
Hamburg is a major industrial Airbus site as well as the Cabin center of expertise.
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Airbus BizLabs
Bangalore is an Airbus fully owned subsidiary (since 2014) as well as one of the most important startup spot in the world.
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Airbus BizLabs
Madrid concentrates all Airbus divisions (Defense & Space, Helicopters and Commercial Aircraft) and is the bridge between Europe and South America.
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Some questions? Try our FAQ...

1 . What is the aim for Airbus ?
Working with startups goes hand-in-hand with our innovation strategy. The main aim is to accelerate the implementation of innovative concepts onto our existing platforms thus highlighting the innovative nature of our products and meeting our customers’ needs.
2 . Is BizLab is part of Airbus or a subsidiary ?
BizLab is part of Airbus
3 . What are the benefits of the Airbus BizLab Accelerator?
Airbus BizLab has developed a “hybrid” concept to closely collaborate with startups while allowing smaller organizations to better understand needs and ways of working of large groups. The selected candidates have access to BizLab coaches and a large number of experts in various domains (e.g. technology, legal, finance, marketing); free co-working space; dedicated executive mentors; learn and act sessions; access to prototyping and test facilities, and a Demo Day with Airbus decision makers, partners, customers, and venture capitalists. As part of the programme, the BizLab offers an equity-free cash funding option of up to 45,000€ to implement a Proof of Concept. The payment is subject to a successful delivery of a prototype in accordance with a specified use case defined with an Airbus function.
4 . Which startups will the BizLab be working with and why ?
Our intention is to open ourselves up to other eco-systems, thus we will not limit the scope of our collaboration with startups to the aeronautical industry. We will open it to different areas such as digitalization, data processing, communication networks, robotics. However the projects should be applicable for the aeronautical industry. We are looking for projects that include developments of a product, a service or an application for but not limited to the aerospace industry. Examples (non-exhaustive) are: Data analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Digital Design & Manufacturing, Autonomy & Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Urban Air Mobility, Electrification & Connectivity, VR & AR, New Space solutions & SmartCity as well as Blockchain & Cybersecurity. As additional search field, we are challenging start-ups for innovative concepts and technical solutions to the sustainable development goals (UN SDGs). However the projects should be applicable and have a potential use case for the aeronautical industry. Airbus BizLab is looking for startups with functional prototypes that can be developed into market-ready products within the programme.
5 . Would you consider the possibility of investing in or taking over a startup in some cases ?
This is not the scope of Airbus BizLab but entry into equity could be addressed trough Airbus Group Ventures.
6 . Will you share joint patents with startups ?
Basic scenario is that background IP remains to each partners and foreground IP, if created, is shared as prorata. Nevertheless each situations will be evaluated between partners.
7 . Is the program full- or part-time? Is it physical or remote?
The Airbus BizLab accelerator is a physical full-time programme at one of the selected locations (Hamburg, Toulouse, Bangalore, Madrid).
8 . What is covered by Airbus BizLab for startups?
20 selected startups will be provided with a voucher of 5,000€ for the travel and accommodation costs during the programme.
9 . Will Airbus BizLab support me if I need a visa to travel to the pitches?
Airbus BizLab will issue an invitation letter and if possible provide contacts at the embassies, but won´t not pay the visa costs.

Another question ?